Feeding the Body


Food insecurity has a ripple effect in our community, with an impact that is felt well beyond the person experiencing the pangs of hunger. A hungry child is more susceptible to illness, misses more school and learns at a slower pace. Increased illness and mental lethargy or distraction due to hunger impact the entire classroom and in the end all students are affected.

For twelve years, we have distributed supplemental groceries to Lake Highlands residents in need. We provide 15-20 pounds of healthy food per person monthly.

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Hunger Facts

0 lbs

of healthy food provided to Lake Highlands residents per person, per month


Program Members who receive supplemental groceries


of students at Lake Highlands schools who are eligible for free/reduced-cost lunches

Feed Lake Highlands helps me put food on the table for my kids every month. Y'all always happy to give. I like that. It makes me feel more comfortable to be here. It seems like maybe some of y'all have been in this situation yourselves. Y'all seem to understand. 


But you know God is good. You know that's who make me make it through. I always say He touched y'all's hearts and y'all touch my heart.



Feed Lake Highlands Program Member

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