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Elks Lodge #71: Spreading Brotherly Love!

The founding principles of the Elks Lodge are our guiding light. They are charity, justice, brotherly love, and fidelity. As members of Elks Lodge #71, we look for ways to fulfill these principles. Steve Conway, Community Activities Chairman, finds local organizations we can take an active role with. That is what led us to Feed Lake Highlands. Some of our Elks members attend church at Lake Highlands United Methodist Church (which sponsors FLH). This affiliation made FLH a perfect way for Elks Lodge #71 to spread brotherly love and charity.

As part of our outreach, Dallas Elks Lodge #71 provides groceries, summer camp funding, pizzas for the kids’ bible study group, Christmas gift cards for teens (a campaign started by one of our awesome employees) and donated clothing. We have even supplied parts and labor when equipment goes on the fritz. Over the last year and a half, Dallas Elks have donated over $8,000 to support Feed Lake Highlands.

When I joined the Dallas Elks 3 years ago, I began searching for my “place.” I wasn’t sure which of its charitable outreach programs was the best fit for me. Then we found Feed Lake Highlands! The most enjoyable and fulfilling opportunity, for me, is serving the community during Wednesday Food Distribution. Team Members stock and sort food items, greet Program Members, and help them shop for pantry staples, fresh fruit and produce, meats, and donated clothes. We serve alongside members of the church and other Team Members. We work hand-in-hand to ensure that those in need get sustenance and a sense of belonging. As Elks, we fulfill our calling to serve the local community, and make lifelong friends in the process.

I am grateful for this partnership and the helping hand it provides to so many in our area. Thank you, Feed Lake Highlands and LHUMC, for the important work you do! Thank you for allowing us, Dallas Elks #71, to partner with you in brotherly love.