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EPICade Wrap-up

EPICade was an awesome success!  The FLH campers and their leaders planned, prepared and participated 110% during the months of April and May.  Much laughter filled the New Room and much information filled our minds. The campers learned about ENTREPRENEURSHIP, themselves and the Lord.  Tuesday and Thursday afternoons were spent discussing financial goals, budgets and lemonade stand designs. And of course -- what flavor would be served.  Blind flavor taste testing was so much fun for everyone present! Next year we are upgrading and offering two flavors, along with water! In a cup with a lid and a straw!

The kids learned that with the help of Jesus they could overcome their shyness and truly have fun interacting with customers.  They learned how much they truly want to go to camp as they answered people’s questions and shared with them about their camp experiences from last year.  Or their excitement for a brand new opportunity this summer. Many prayers were said for nerves and for good weather and God came through in a mighty way. Saturday, May 4 was a glorious day and many generous people came to check out our three stands. The kids experienced God’s abundant love and kindness as donations and customers steadily came to the stands.

At the end of our business day, the kids could not wait to see each other on Tuesday and see how everyone had done.  Had their goal been met - or maybe even surpassed? Why yes indeed it had! Their hard work brought in $1500.54. Summer camp - we are headed your way!

We want to thank Kroger # 511, Fish City Grill and Steel City Pops for hosting us and allowing the kids to have such great success.  We will be back next year! Save us a spot.