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Fish City Grill Continues Their Record of Community Support

Earlier this month, Fish City Grill in the Lake Highlands Town Center featured Feed Lake Highlands as the beneficiary of their monthly donation day. On the first Tuesday of every month, they donate 15% of their sales to a local non-profit. The April event marked the third time the team at Fish City Grill chose FLH as their First Tuesday beneficiary! We are thankful for this generous gift. The FLH team also could not help but notice the way that God's blessings come full circle!

The strip of Skillman where the Lake Highlands Town Center sits holds a special place in the hearts of Feed Lake Highlands team members. Well before there was a New Room Community Center, LHUMC's Off-Campus Ministry, now Outreach, ministered to the people living in the apartments that lined Skillman.  I served at White Rock Trail Apartment Community for years. Singing songs and making crafts with children, praying with adults who were struggling with mental health issues, addiction and a history of homelessness. It was this ministry off-site and in the community that inspired the creation of Feed Lake Highlands. We loved so many people along this strip of land over the years, and it was bittersweet to see the apartments torn down and replaced with what is now the Lake Highlands Town Center. Lake Highlands residents watched and waited a long time for the Lake Highlands Town Center to come to life. As members of this community, we are so happy to see businesses filling up the spaces and breathing new life into the strip of Skillman that means so much to all of us.

Here is where things come full circle. Two years ago we received a call from Fish City Grill. Tom Lochry, one of our board members at the time, contacted them months before about sponsoring our Topgolf Tournament. While the restaurant opening was too far away from the date of our tournament, Tom planted the seeds for future collaborations that day. Months later when the Fish City Grill team planned their very first First Tuesday for the Lake Highlands location, they decided to make Feed Lake Highlands the beneficiary! Fish City Grill implemented these First Tuesday events specifically to give back to the communities where their restaurants are located.

We don't have the financial results of the day just yet, but we loved seeing so many of you that day.  More than anything, I know the grace and love of God is evident as His gifts come full circle on this little patch of Lake Highlands. Where we once served and loved some of Lake Highlands most vulnerable residents, we now see businesses giving back to those same residents. We are grateful for all the individuals and companies that have supported us over the years. With their support and yours, we continue to serve this community we love so much.