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KAA U-Know!

A week at Kids Across America Camp is life changing. And we are ready to see what God has in store for us this week. We have unloaded the buses. The kids settled into their cabins. They have completed their swimming tests – and the fun has begun!!

Every day our campers make friendships and take part in new activities. Jamila, Litzy, and Keitlin conquered the Tree Tops. Sam is on the soccer field. Anthony and Elton are pumping iron in the weight room.

The campers are facing new challenges. As they step out of their comfort zones, their counselors let them know that God is with them. He is their source of strength and courage. Keniece would say AMEN to that. She did the trust fall with her cabin mates. A little bit of courage and a whole lot of faith came in handy! Edward, Ihan, and Osvaldo love "The Blob" at the swimming pool most of all. While Munashe and Amari are fans of tubing. In the midst of the fun, they are learning about teamwork and building up one another.

This week is a week of encouragement as they learn to become leaders in their circles of family and friends. They are learning to live life with integrity and authenticity.

Tonight the kids will see a skit about a modern-day situation. In the skit, a young person must choose where they will put their faith and hope. Scattered throughout is a re-enactment of the persecution, death, and resurrection of Jesus. The evening concludes with an opportunity for the youth to say yes to following Jesus daily.

To God be the Glory! He is doing great things on the mountain top at Kids Across America.