Wacky Wednesday Feed Lake Highlands

Wacky Wednesday End of Year Party

On May 8th, we celebrated our final Wacky Wednesday before the summer break. The end of the school year was not the only reason for our celebration. We were also excited to have several of our friends from “100 Women of Lake Highlands” stop by. They presented FLH with their $32,000 gift. We can’t wait for the 15 passenger van this gift allows us to buy! EPIC students will ride in cool comfort this fall, thanks to a working AC and let’s not forget... 4 working doors! (no more climbing in and out of the passenger door for us!)

Wacky Wednesdays started thanks to the vision of Ms. Tammy, one of our EPIC team members. She wanted a day when we could all be silly with the kids, and so Wacky Wednesdays were born.

On the 2nd Wednesday of every month it’s all about FUN at the New Room. The afternoon always kicks off with a high energy welcome from Ms. Tammy as the kids arrive. Then, of course, there are wacky snacks and wacky crafts. Plus a Snoopy holiday movie and popcorn! Wacky Wednesdays are not for homework... no homework or even discussion of homework. On Wacky Wednesdays, it’s all about the fun!

Wacky Wednesdays are even better with the help of some dedicated volunteers. The Lake Highlands Women’s League and National Charity moms and daughters have been amazing this year. We are grateful for their on-going support.