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Youth Clean-up Day

Earlier this month our youth worked hard in some neighborhood homes to raise money for camp! These kids who participated in the Youth work day are attending KAA and/or Pine Cove camps this summer. They were so motivated to get to camp that even the rain and muddy gardens didn’t get in their way.

All the kids raked and bagged leaves, pulled weeds, dug up bushes, and cleaned up poop! They also worked inside cleaning and washing down kitchen cabinets! I am so proud of these kids. They worked hard with no complaints. It warmed my heart to see the pure fun and laughter amid all the work. Our employers were very generous and excited to get their gardens and homes in order. Together we raised $700 toward their camp fees and expenses! It costs $300 to send one kid to camp, so this workday funded two of our campers in full. Great job kids and I also want to give a big thank you to our homeowners for their generosity.